Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Open the floodgates

My undercurrent of consciousness lately has consisted mostly of the choices I will be making regarding raising my children. I do think about this often no matter what, but I really want to get a feel for whether or not I think I can homeschool - what that means - how comfortable I am with people thinking I'm bonkers - and on and on.
Some people who know me would not be surprised to hear that I am considering an option like homeschooling. It may seem that I have made some unusual decisions in my life, but it is always terribly hard for me. I am kind of a coward who thinks about being brave all of the time. The one thing that keeps prodding me along is that I know I am a good teacher with my children and I really want them to have all the chance in the world to be the best, happiest people they can be. I want to teach them things that I know will only be a side thought if I send them into school, I want them to be critical and have all the tools to make good decisions rather than leaning on someone else to make decisions for them.
A lot of the casual learning that happens in a family can be very important, but I also want to teach them how to write a 5 paragraph essay and master debate and understand how the world works.
Anyhow, this is a highly controversial thing that I understand to be a very personal choice. I am giving myself a year to figure it out and I hope to keep blogging through the decision.

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Rebeca said...

I'll stay tuned to hear your thoughts. You would do great at home education. It's not for the faint of heart. :> But it's awesome.