Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pacing day

That was me today - pacing pacing pacing in my kitchen. It seems I handle stress like a bulldog head on alternating with a stifled anxious baker. Today I made homemade rolls to use for our hamburgers tonight (they will be dutifully toasted and delicious) an on the fly caramel apple pie in addition to the average meal preparation. I have a lot of dice hanging in the air, causing me to feel a lingering pause.

I recently was offered a job by a huge corporate employer to serve as a deli worker, in the evenings. This is going to be a change in my routine - my time with the kids, I am hoping, will be more devoted during the day since I know I won't see them at night. Also, we will have a minute amount of money to pay our bills and drain less on the purse of society. They have yet to set up orientation and this is just hanging there hanging there, I don't know when it will start but it will. Then there is the trip planning, which is starting to just be exciting, especially if I don't think about all of the small boxes to tick off the paper. Finally - an exciting opportunity showed up for me, today! A friend of mine recommended me to one of HER friends as someone who would be able to help audio-archive their parents history. I AM THRILLED LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD WHO ACTUALLY GOT A UNICORN FOR CHRISTMAS at this idea. I wish I could call that exaggeration, in good faith, but I can not. I am so excited at the possibility of helping this family audio-document their lives it just about makes me pee. Now I must wait and ponder, seeing if this will come to fruition.
Hence the pacing and baking and pacing.
My poor kids.... All they want is more food all of the time and all they get is a loony mama and promises of a delicious dessert... AFTER their dinners.

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Daniel Balter said...

It looks like you havent posted in awhile but I wanted you to know that I like your writing and your stories.