Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A lot of carbs - beware! worthless filling material follows.

It has been a very long time since I posted. I feel like the donut guy (link on this blog) who totally sold out once someone found interest in him as a food writer - except, not only did no one find interest in me as a food writer, no one found interest in me as a writer at all! Truth is, I became a stay at home mom. The people that find me the most interesting these days pitter patter on the floor behind me just waiting for the moment I open a "forbidden" door, i.e. the bathroom or our bedroom.

So, though I have been spending ( at minumum) 4 hours a day multitasking the cooking and television episodes on hulu.com - I have totally neglected writing. Why why why? Well, I have been desiring distraction far more than the need for contemplation and synthesizing my thoughts.

Boys are getting little mulletts (sp?) and working on " Wub Wub Wub buh buh mamamamama" language, and finding giggles in between diaper changes.

Whats not to love? Getting a bit sick of my house - I am a self titled "home - body" but this is a little much even for me. This is where the pumpkin latte's fit in. Window shopping and pumpkin lattes, though enjoyed in my past, have become as important to my weekly well being as pennywise CD's were to me getting a good nights sleep when I was 15.

Here's to it not being so long between posts next time. And yes, that is my nightly glass of wine I am toasting with. OUT OF A BOX.

At least these carbs won't make you fat!! cheerio!


Rebeca said...

We should get together Katie! It's been an age. Good to "hear" from you. Rebeca

Robyn R. Finnicum said...

I keep checking for a new blog. Should I quit wasting my time? ;)