Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hair and Crawling

It really is important. I saw a picture of half my face, really close up today. My face is fuzzy. I have fuzzy little hairs all over my face. I bet everyone does, but maybe I am extra fuzzy. There really is no way to know. That would take a huge, strange research study and there are enough of those going on in the world right now.

Or is there? I'm kidding. There is. There really, really is. The world spends most of its time trying to publish studies that dispute the earlier study that disputed the study before that, that was arguing against the original study.


So, Basil just did the cutest thing. I feel kind of bad laughing when babies cry, but tonight I just couldn't help it. The boys are finally old enough that they cry when they are upset and stick out their bottom lips, etc. Basil has been sticking out his bottom lip for a long time - he really expresses sadness, this one.

He is starting to get up onto all fours - close to crawling. So I am on the couch, writing this blog, and on the baby monitor I hear the boys waking up. I wait to see if it is going to be a feeding time, and then suddenly Basil goes " wwwwwwwwaaaahhh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh" this really really drawn out, sad cry! I go into their room to get him up and right when I get there he is on all fours, he had crawled to the very corner of the crib and he falls forward and bangs his head on the side and then came the big sad cry again. I know its not funny that he was stuck in the corner hitting his head on the crib walls but.... he was 3/4 asleep and it was so adorable.
I love these boys so much. I don't want them to ever grow up.

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Cheryl Lage said...

I love your writing style, and am so happy to have found your blog!

Will definitely check back often.
(Your babies are precious. :) )