Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Seasons change!

As I wrote the title to this blog, I couldn't help but sing an old song in my head. My first real 'cassette' was Expose, Exposure. I loved it, but it wasn't exactly popular; if I remember correctly, the reason this was my first cassette is that it was in the clearance bin and cost $2. What a steal! I still love it. Now if I could just find a bottle of Electric Youth perfume....

So, flashback is over. Currently, I left Symantec and started a new job as a bookkeeper. So far - perfect fit. I get to work part time (morning hours to myself, coffee and books) and not worry about my job moving to India or some high level administrator team deciding how to rearrange my workflow to be more productive, all the while making life hell. I also got new glasses. Very exciting.

The babies are growing like weeds; the goal currently is to get them so they aren't waking up every 2 hours at night. It turns out this is my fault, because I started waking them so my milk supply wouldn't go down while I went back to work. It took one night. ONE night, and it was a habit for them. The doc says they just know I am there, and use it as mom time. It's adorable, really, and some of my favorite time with them.... if only it didn't come with sleep loss. Sacrifices, this being the least of which I will see in my life for these boys.

I love being a mom. I think it is the most incredible thing in the world.

To juxtapose that sentence, I hate laundry. To make this unevenly negative, I hate cleaning the kitchen too.

OK, TO BE FAIR TO THE TONE, I LOVE MINI SNICKERS! This is because there is more chocolate than the big kind, but I eat so many it adds up to at least one candy bar.

Off to finish the book I'm reading. I love Jennifer Weiner. Such a good read.

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Robyn R. Finnicum said...

These blogs are excellent reads. I LOVE them.